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Updated 2 October 2014! This is the main download page of Visual MINTEQ. Below you can download the most recent version, or selected older versions if the latest version doesn't work for you. Various databases can also be downloaded.

Visual MINTEQ version 3.1, beta

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on August 16, 2013

The Visual MINTEQ 3.1 beta can be downloaded from the following link:

Last modified 2 October 2014.

This version is very close to being an official 3.1 version, it just needs some additional testing. Some new features are included, and the user guide has been expanded. This version also corrects an error in the NICA-Donnan model that appeared in the beta version of 11 July. You are recommeded to uninstall any previous Visual MINTEQ versions before installing. For installation instructions, see the post below on version 3.0.

Visual MINTEQ version 3.0

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on January 20, 2012

NEW users of Visual MINTEQ 3.0 (including users of Visual MINTEQ 2.xx and Visual MINTEQ 3.0 beta) should download this file:

Last modified 20 January 2012.

Installation instructions: 1. Uninstall any previous version of Visual MINTEQ ver. 3.0, 2. Save the file (link above) to your computer. 3. Extract both files from the zip file. 4. Click "setup.exe" to initiate installation. When using the software the first time, you will need to decide where to put your user-editable files. The default location is in the My Documents folder.

The version posted 20 January corrects a number of problems associated with the use of sweep options, and a number of other bugs that appeared for those that used Visual MINTEQ with commas as the decimal separator. Also, dissolved oxygen, O2(aq), and Tris have been added to the component database.

For details of the enhancements of version 3.0, please follow this link. NOTE that you will not need to uninstall any previous Visual MINTEQ 2.xx version you might have. Visual MINTEQ 3.0 and any of the 2.xx versions can coexist on one computer.

You may register for this software by sending an e-mail message to me. Make sure that the words "MINTEQ" or "register" appear in the subject line. By registering you will be added to my e-mail lists and you will receive an e-mail message whenever a new Visual MINTEQ version becomes available.

Status report of Visual MINTEQ 3.0

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on August 10, 2011

The first official version 3.0 includes a number of improvements to the previous beta versions: bugs were corrected that (i) caused the NICA-Donnan model to crash when used for solid-phase HA/FA; (ii) sometimes caused incorrect results when modelling adsorption to a precipitated solid phase. In addition, measures have been taken to improve the stability of the SHM model. The list of fixed species in the input lists has been changed so that the activities and log K:s are consistent with those shown elsewhere in the code. A new option for alkalinity has been added that simulates the results of an alkalinity titration to pH 4.5. On the solids and redox menus, a new box has been added that can limit the number of species shown to those that can form based on the added components. The help file system has been updated. An early, incomplete version of a new Visual MINTEQ user guide is included in the package.

Older Visual MINTEQ versions

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on April 8, 2010

If you have a very old Windows operating system (i.e. Win98 or earlier), or if your .NET Framework doesn't work, you can download version 2.40b from January 2006 below, which was the last version that did not use .NET Framework at all. Note however that this version lacks a number of new functionalities present in later versions.

Last modified 23 January 2006

Alternative thermodynamic databases

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on April 8, 2010

In general, I recommend the use of the databases that accompany the standard version of the program, as included in the above setup package. However, there are other alternatives. Below are the databases of MINTEQA2 (version 4.0) and Lindsay's databases, adapted for the Visual MINTEQ format in 2003. Read the "readme" file before using any of these databases.

Visual MINTEQ thermodynamic databases in GWB format

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on April 8, 2010

In 2005, the Visual MINTEQ thermodynamic databases were formatted for use with Geochemist's Workbench. The zip file below contains three files, one thermodynamic database for GWB 5 or later, one for GWB 4, and one additional database for surface complexation reactions onto HFO (Dzombak & Morel, 1990). Extract all three files before use with GWB. See more details here.